2013 #01 – You're Part of The Miracle Process



A piece of the miracle process has been reserved for each of us.
Jim Rohn

Have you seen comedian and actor Jim Carrey talk about writing himself a $10 million check, with a payment due date for his acting services? He was broke at the time. He hoped for a successful career and achieved it.

I, on the other hand, have envisioned wonderful possibilities. While I thought, pronounced and wrote supportive affirmations, doubts darkled my bright ideas with questions like:

• Who do you think you are?
• What makes you think you can accomplish that idea?
• Do you really want to invest your resources, time and peace of mind in a project that might not work?

Years ago, I founded Shooting Star Productions, a cultural organization that published the literary quarterly Shooting Star Review. I was told that 90% of new magazines publish just one issue. Of those that continue, only 10% publish three issues. Shooting Star Review published forty issues (and I intend to place that work on my new web site).

How did I realize that publication goal? Certainly not because I believed I could do it, but because I believed that Shooting Star should happen, or as Allard Lowenstein said of hopes and dreams, goals and aspirations,

The question should be, is it worth trying to do; not can it be done?
Allard Lowenstein

Question: What miracle can I realize?
Affirmation: I am showered with blessings. Source

In upcoming issues, BriteLites will present videos that offer insights into how the brain functions and how below-the-radar mind processes sabotage. This time, enjoy the 7-minute, “Psychology of Wealth” video by respected entrepreneur and motivator Jim Rohn.

Leading an Inspired Life
by Jim Rohn
Hardcover Price $39.95 


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