#39a Def Poetry & Novel Writing Month Finale


Sunflower 2188

Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Congratulations to all who participated in National Novel Writing Month 2012. I’d love to hear your stories.

A huge thanks to those who launched this amazing project and who’ve kept this opportunity for WordSmiths going and growing. In 1999 21 participated and 6 won. In 2000 140 participated and 29 won. Last year, 256,618 participated and 36,843 won

This year, the total collective word count was: 3,288,976,325. At 6:30pm ET on November 30, my 50,701-word contribution was validated.

Along the way, I learned that pre-planning a novel cannot completely prepare. I’d spent October developing character profiles, plot possibilities and settings. By mid November, I’d spent more days trying to figure out what was happening than writing. Eventually, I realized that the key to progress was to, “begin it.” Each day, start new. Each day, do something.

Sandra Gould Ford

Worth A Look

In each issue, BriteLitesBiz presents a video specially selected to inspire, motivate, enlighten and prompt WordSmithing.

Def Poetry, George Watsky  3:56   (Adult language)

Poetry always inspires and helps me overcome writers block.   “V Is For Virgin” might also make you smile.

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5 thoughts on “#39a Def Poetry & Novel Writing Month Finale

  1. I apologize for delay. Have been gestating.

    After viewing your site (and I like the cargo pants), I’m thinking that — should you find someone who’s using your material, ask them to either credit the source and link to your site (free advertising) or ask a lawyer to send a “cease and desist.”

    My thought though is keep getting your info out there by best means you can.

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