Six + Seven Keys to Success


Six essential   qualities that are the key to success: Sincerity, Personal Integrity,   Humility, Courtesy, Wisdom and Charity.
– Source Unknown

Years ago, I noted these six keys and am always glad to re-discover that scrap of a file folder with fading ink.  Perhaps these words also influenced Tom and Kate Chappell, founders of Tom’s of Maine, a company sold to Colgate for about $100 million. 

On Friday, I heard the Chappells list their own keys to success.  The seven “Intentions” described in their book Managing Upside Down are:

  • Connect to Goodness
  • Know Yourself – search until you find your authentic self and the unique contribution that only you can gift the world
  • Envision Your Destiny –match your special talent to a need of the world
  • Seek Counsel – grow through perspectives from others who either know you well and/or who care about what you’re doing
  • Venture Out – discover yourself through something that you create
  • Hold Yourself Accountable – allow opportunities to edit, change and improve
  • Pass It On – share what you’ve learned; especially with the generation that follows

Question:  What must I do to succeed as a citizen of the world while building material success?

Affirmation:  I radiate luck wherever I go. I create the door to miracles.  Source

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In case Global Entrepreneurship Week is as new to you as it is to me, know that – this year — it was Nov 12 to 18, so plans can now be made for 2013.  This video (2:46 minutes) provides an explanation and a vision for a better world.

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