# 37 – A Portrait of You


It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.

After watching Dr. Phil’s show about a mother who hates her daughter, I learned that most who are in (or could benefit from) therapy have been raised by mothers who couldn’t care.   That said, The Boston Globe describes a life-changing, aha! moment:

As parents, we know we aren’t perfect. Our children, however, think we
are, at least when they are young. Depending on how and when we fall off our pedestal, their reaction can range from mild disappointment to intense anger.  From their perspective, we have let them down, and that is no small thing

That let down is not as big as realizing – eventually – that fallible human beings have told us who and what we are (and actions can speak way louder than words).

No matter the dimness or lights in portraits that others have painted of us, I think that e. e. cummings was right about discovering and defending the best of who we are as we keep growing up.

Question:  What are the best and brightest things that are true about me?

Affirmation:  I enjoy being my best friend and chief cheerleader.  Source.


Each week, SoulSongz searches the internet for videos that can inspire, uplift and motivate.  Why not draw a self portrait using this 2-minute guide?  And, as the artist recommends, keep tweaking the portrait until you see your best friend and chief cheerleader.  (Click on the paint brush.)
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