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The regular mailing is rescheduled for mid-week.   Please watch for the continuation of Guy de Maupassant’s discussion of critics and the novel, a WordSmith video and notes on succeeding in National Novel Writing Month.
In the meantime, Word Witty returns.  Your thoughts, as always, are welcomed.
Sandra Gould Ford

Word Witty encourages a love of language and is especially for Educators, Wordsmiths & Word Gamers.

Herbert Bayer said, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” Word Witty adds: The broader our vocabularies, the bigger our worlds, the vaster our communicating tools and Scrabble scores.


GANG (on board) + DEOMRST (use all 7 tiles in rack for 50-point bonus) =
(OWL2 approved)

According to Webster’s OnLine Dictionary and The Free Dictionary Online:

•a member of an organized group of criminals, a racketeer
•gangsterism, racketeering, thuggery, brigandage
•delinquency, offence, crime, fault, misdemeanor, guilt

6 minutes

What are your thoughts on this list of Top Ten Gangster Movies?
What would you change?

(I was expecting New Jack City)


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