Six + Seven Keys to Success


Six essential   qualities that are the key to success: Sincerity, Personal Integrity,   Humility, Courtesy, Wisdom and Charity.
– Source Unknown

Years ago, I noted these six keys and am always glad to re-discover that scrap of a file folder with fading ink.  Perhaps these words also influenced Tom and Kate Chappell, founders of Tom’s of Maine, a company sold to Colgate for about $100 million. 

On Friday, I heard the Chappells list their own keys to success.  The seven “Intentions” described in their book Managing Upside Down are:

  • Connect to Goodness
  • Know Yourself – search until you find your authentic self and the unique contribution that only you can gift the world
  • Envision Your Destiny –match your special talent to a need of the world
  • Seek Counsel – grow through perspectives from others who either know you well and/or who care about what you’re doing
  • Venture Out – discover yourself through something that you create
  • Hold Yourself Accountable – allow opportunities to edit, change and improve
  • Pass It On – share what you’ve learned; especially with the generation that follows

Question:  What must I do to succeed as a citizen of the world while building material success?

Affirmation:  I radiate luck wherever I go. I create the door to miracles.  Source

Worth A Look

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In case Global Entrepreneurship Week is as new to you as it is to me, know that – this year — it was Nov 12 to 18, so plans can now be made for 2013.  This video (2:46 minutes) provides an explanation and a vision for a better world.

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#38 – Walk On The Wild Side


As I press on through National Novel Writing Month (behind schedule), two concepts recently explored in BriteLites synergize.

One: Write a Mission Statement for the novel of about twelve words.
One: Know that: If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet,
then you must write it.
I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew.
Robert Frost

With NaNo nearly two-thirds finished, I give up on the notion of directing this story. Characters have been constructed. But what my practical-planning mind produced has been replaced by intuitive impressions insisting that I forget about leading and follow.
I surrender! As long as these characters reach Martha’s Vineyard and generate some drama-trauma that is resolved, the journey keeps dissolving my concerns about a 50,000-word pile of pulp. The need to know what happens next trumps.

Guy de Maupassant

Through this series that revisits 19th century authors, BriteLitesBiz invites discussion of topics that remain important to WordSmiths. The intro stated,

Although Henry James one time observed that “in dissertation M. de Maupassant does not write with his best pen,” this discussion of the novel is one of the few really lucid essays on the subject.

Thank goodness!

Critiquing the Critic, Part 3 of 5

All writers, Victor Hugo as well as M. Zola, have claimed with persistence the absolute, indisputable right of composing, that is to say imagining or observing, according to their personal conception of art.  Talent springs from originality, which is a special manner of thinking, of seeing, of understanding, and of judging.

Now the critic who presumes to define the novel according to the idea he has formed from the novels he likes, and to establish certain invariable rules of composition, will always war against the artistic temperament that introduces a new manner.  A critic, if he is really to merit the name, should be only an analyst, without bias, without preferences, without passions; and, like a critic of pictures, should consider only the artistic value of the object of art submitted to him.  His comprehension, open to every impression, ought to absorb his personality so completely that he can discover and praise the very books which he does not like as a man and must evaluate as a judge.

But most critics are, in truth, only readers, from which fact it results that they nearly always reprove us on false grounds, or compliment us without reserve and without measure.

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This trailer for the film adaptation of Nelson Algren’s marvelous novel is a study in metaphor set to award-winning music.

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# 37 – A Portrait of You


It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.

After watching Dr. Phil’s show about a mother who hates her daughter, I learned that most who are in (or could benefit from) therapy have been raised by mothers who couldn’t care.   That said, The Boston Globe describes a life-changing, aha! moment:

As parents, we know we aren’t perfect. Our children, however, think we
are, at least when they are young. Depending on how and when we fall off our pedestal, their reaction can range from mild disappointment to intense anger.  From their perspective, we have let them down, and that is no small thing

That let down is not as big as realizing – eventually – that fallible human beings have told us who and what we are (and actions can speak way louder than words).

No matter the dimness or lights in portraits that others have painted of us, I think that e. e. cummings was right about discovering and defending the best of who we are as we keep growing up.

Question:  What are the best and brightest things that are true about me?

Affirmation:  I enjoy being my best friend and chief cheerleader.  Source.


Each week, SoulSongz searches the internet for videos that can inspire, uplift and motivate.  Why not draw a self portrait using this 2-minute guide?  And, as the artist recommends, keep tweaking the portrait until you see your best friend and chief cheerleader.  (Click on the paint brush.)
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“The Left and The Right Of It”
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#36 Painting


I dream my painting and paint my dream.
Vincent van Gogh

As an urban dweller, I seldom think about – let alone see – big sky.  A couple years ago, I followed the Colorado River as it meandered from the Rockies and through Utah’s Canyonlands.  Along the way, I experienced vast.  The main problem, looking back, was that I assessed, framed and photographed, but didn’t really breathe deep and savor.  Thank goodness pictures can remind.

Question:  What could happen when a great big picture of tomorrow is painted?

Affirmation:  I will win in all that I do and look forward to succeeding.     Source


26 minutes

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Herbert Bayer said, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” Word Witty adds: The broader our vocabularies, the bigger our worlds, the vaster our communicating tools and Scrabble scores.


GANG (on board) + DEOMRST (use all 7 tiles in rack for 50-point bonus) =
(OWL2 approved)

According to Webster’s OnLine Dictionary and The Free Dictionary Online:

•a member of an organized group of criminals, a racketeer
•gangsterism, racketeering, thuggery, brigandage
•delinquency, offence, crime, fault, misdemeanor, guilt

6 minutes

What are your thoughts on this list of Top Ten Gangster Movies?
What would you change?

(I was expecting New Jack City)


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