#35 – Boo! Possibilities & "You Deserve" video


Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark  things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities – always see  them, for they’re always there.
Norman Vincent Peale

When I was in tenth grade, we lived on a lonely hilltop surrounded by apple and pear, cherry and peach trees.  One gray afternoon, as I strode from the kitchen, as I expected the dining room to open before me, a monstrous form hovered above the door.  I was so horrified, I fell flat on my back (so much for the fright-flight response).

My kid sister never said, “Boo!”  And I think she was too shocked at how discombobulated I was to laugh … right away.  Nowadays,  recalling that humiliating and offensive incident, I think of how Zig Ziglar explained that “fear” is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

If I’d looked up, I’d have seen my sister standing on that furniture, arching her arms and wriggling her fingers in that stupid,  “Creature From The Black Lagoon” imitation.  If I’d looked up.  If.

A Question:    What scares me these days?

An Affirmation:  Every breath I inhale calms me.  Every breath I exhale takes away tension and open a space for brighter possibilities.   Source

Worth A Look

Each week, SoulSongz searches the internet for videos that can inspire, uplift and motivate.  This 48-minute presentation was one of the most popular on PBS.  SoulSongz hopes that it inspires smiles as well as great ideas.

Nominate videos for SoulSongz’s “Worth A Look.”   When selected, receive art featured in Sandra’s gallery.

Critiquing Critics

BriteLitesBiz, Information & Inspiration for WordSmiths

 This week, 18th century author Guy de Maupassant critiques critics.  This week, BriteLites will also offer final preparations for November’s National Novel Writing Month.  Visit BriteLitesBiz.

Support SoulSongz

Each week, SoulSongz delivers lovely art and enriching information.  Support by visiting Sandra’s galleries where her art can be purchased, either as prints for less than $20 or custom framed.  Note the Weekly Specials.
SoulSongz can also be supported with a $20 gift.  Thank you.   Payments

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