#32 – Dream Brave Dreams


People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

The Sky’s The Limit Series – #2

Do you see the small tree perched on the precipice? Perhaps other seeds tried and couldn’t hold their ground. They couldn’t endure the fierce winds, the summer heat and harsh winters.

One day, I suspect that because that tree held its ground and is flourishing, other seeds will find shelter beneath its branches. Their roots will hold as they grow. That little tree will no longer be alone.

What dream do you cherish? What special hope do you have? What’s on top of your (Before I Kick The) Bucket List?

Question: The next and heart-right step in my life is: _________________ (goal).

Affirmation: I can achieve (my goal) because I will _________.

Dream Brave, Dream Bold!



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