#30 – Love Circles & Ode To Joy Flashmob


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If you love someone, put their name in a circle; because hearts can be broken, but circles never end
Source unknown

File:Schraube und archimedische Spirale.pngImage Source:  Wikipedia

While this SoulSongz issue ends the Summer of Circles series, I think of how spirals entered the discussion a few issues ago. Last week, we discussed how a spiral is a curve that winds around a fixed center – sometimes at great distance from that center and sometimes very core.

In thinking about life’s purpose, I wonder: What if our center point could be love … of self, agape, spiritual, romantic and, perhaps, a love for the big and little but always magnificent gifts, talents and skills that we alone can manifest.

How is love a center point in your life?

Next Series:  The Sky’s The Limit

BTW – I’m working on a Summer of Circles book. Stay tuned!

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5 min 41 seconds of joy.

Video recommended by J Sayre.  If you know of  videos that inspire, uplift and that encourage healing and high achievement, please recommend.


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