#28 Invited Memories


A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end
– and if you put several circles over each other, then you get a spiral.
Maynard James Keenan

At dusk, children filled Madeira Street with games of tag, races and baseball when I was in fifth grade. Afternoons were for porches where we drank Kool-Aid and ate baloney and chipped ham sandwiches slathered with mayonnaise and sweet pickles. Where we played hangman, Sorry and checkers, the game of circles trying to survive and cross squares. And when a checker reached the far end of the board, it was “crowned.” Another circle was placed on top, granting the right to travel as far as it wanted in a single move. Years later, remembering the song of the ice cream truck and sparkling shaved ice with rainbow syrups, children’s voices calling through the smoky cuddle of summer twilight and the smell of lacquered cardboard and wooden checkers, I think: How nice that we can invite happy memories to re-visit.

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Inspiring 2-minute video about zebra attacked by lion



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