#25 Tomorrow & Why People Are In Our Lives


Life become real only when we begin to face and solve our own problems.
Until then, we only swim in circles.
-source unknown

Last year, after the hedges proved as wooden and hard to trim as oak, I hired a man who yanked them out like teeth. Determined to have low-maintenance and colorful yards, I dug up the grasses and planted perennial seeds, bulbs and baby plants.

I hesitate to call the re-growth of pre-existing yard flora a Battle of Wills. That implies intent of their part. As I prepare to weed the grasses infiltrating my flower beds, what is clear is that facing and solving problems may end the circles but are likely to create spirals … hopefully upward.

For the time being, I tell myself: Tomorrow will be better.

I wish the same for you.

Worth A Watch


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