Happiness Secret & CP Windseeker Thrills (video)


One secret to a happy life is giving back.
Justin Silver
Dogs in The City

According to my solar system poster, Earth zooms forward at 18.5 miles per SECOND.  That means our Earth ship travels at 1,100 miles a MINUTE.  Therefore, each of us sails through space at 66,360 miles per HOUR.  Whew!

Because we’re always heading back to where we were, why not make each round a return to something generous or kind or loving?  Then – perhaps and just maybe – as we blaze our shared trails out and away, we’ll be leaving good things that can both follow and await us.

Ride the sky (1:24 minute video):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9v_gIK9dzU

See Dogs in The City episode (44:02 minutes – charming & uplifting):

Visit Sandra’s WordSmith Blog

This week: Simplicity in Art & Success = T+C (video)

Original Image – Candace R Ford
PhotoEditing – Sandra Gould Ford


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