At Least Once A Year – Emprise


National Monument, Grand Junction, Colorado

I was dabbling in stock options and real estate about the time my flight crossed the Rockies.  After landing at Grand Junction, I stepped into the iced, April air and checked the terrain, which was bleak, except for the rock fortress sculpting the southern horizon.  Turns out those majestic, cinnabar and honey-colored cliffs were formed by miles and miles of faulting of the Earth’s crust and fracturing of the Colorado Plateau.  Wow!

When I described my investigatory intent to locals, they gazed toward that magnificent expanse as though reminding themselves, “Oh yeah, that is over there.”  The next day, I drove to the National Park Service entrance, ascended and was enthralled by the steep-walled canyons and sandstone monoliths chiseled by two billion years of erosion.  And my daughter was right when she counseled, “Keep your eyes on the road, Ma.  Don’t be looking at the scenery while the car’s moving.”  Rim (of the) Rock Drive has no guardrails.

Back at the Village Inn –  Do those folks know how to make pies, or what?  And why isn’t that restaurant chain on my side of the continent? –  as I gushed about Grand Junction’s geological treasure to kindly, heard-it-all-before locals, I realized that perhaps, maybe and most definitely, I’d react the same way to newcomers rhapsodizing about the verdant hills and glittering rivers and bountiful array of trees that western Pennsylvanians have seen and seen and don’t much see after a while.

As investments go, the chance at enrichment through new discoveries is a great, growth risk.  Finding fantastic pie is a delightful bonus!  And the return lets home be rediscovered.

A Quick View of Rim Rock Drive:

Village Inn pies:

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