Adventure – Whatever you are ready for


U.S. Route 30 is Pennsylvania’s portion of the United States’ first coast-to-coast road for cars.  The Lincoln Highway starts in Times Square, New York City and ends in Lincoln Park, San Francisco.  Carl G. Fisher launched the notion in 1912, back when the Brush Roadsters, Mighty Michigans and Bailey Electrics puttered about on modified buggy wheels.

As I traveled the Lincoln Highway in 2007, I marveled at the bleak forests framing telephone lines, fallow cornfields, withered meadows, snowy mountains and sky.  There, between Bedford and Somerset, I took a deep breath because …

In The Power of Myth interviews, Joseph Campbell said, “The adventure that he [the hero] is ready for is the one that he gets.”  That day, I wondered, What lies ahead for me?  What good is mystery?  None, I suspected, in the there-and-then moment.  Perhaps plenty in the vast and timeless universe.  Adventure awaited. I kept going.


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