BriteLites E-Gazette #8, October 15, 2011


BriteLites Writer’s Gazette    

2011 #8, 10-15

Sandra Gould Ford –

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BriteLites encourages the creative spirit, word wonder and personal fulfillment.

Wisdom – Inspiration

… the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.


October, 2011 Picture Prompt


Write a story, essay, memoir or poem up to 1,500 words max, inspired by this photograph and your work will have a chance to be published in a beautiful collection. 


Place writing in body of e-mail (do not attach) and send by end of month to: is a free resource for feedback and editorial help  This is a shared critique experience where your work can be reviewed by people around the world each time you earn 3 points by critiquing others.  (First time, you just need 2 points.)  Your work can also be posted at the BriteLites Blog as soon as it’s ready (end of month).


To view a larger image of this Picture Prompt (it’s for sale), see the full size print in the Joy Gallery at

Writing News

All information provided by BriteLites is intended to help writers and word lover/gamers.  Because BriteLites is unable to fact check all News Items, please use caution if excessive fees are charged, up-front purchases are required and/or no payment (not even copies) are paid for publication of your work.  If practices seem questionable, please advise:


National Novel Writing Month


Join me in writing a 50,000-word novel during November, and let me know if you decide to try.  Watch for novel-planning ideas in upcoming issues, starting with Writing Tips below.


Register at:


Check the site’s “Terms and Conditions,” especially the following: 



Writing Tip

An Acquisitions Editor for a major publishing house once said that – up front – she wants to know three things about a novel.  In answering these questions, planning a novel can begin.

  1. 1.   Who is the Main Character?
  2. 2.   What does the Main Character want?  (Sometimes, what doesn’t the Main Character want)
  3. 3.   What (or who) is in the Main Character’s way?


I hope these three questions help in planning your novel.

Health Tip



Kiwifruit is very high in vitamin C and it also contains potassium, vitamin A and vitamin E. The skin of the kiwifruit contains antioxidants and can be eaten.  Kiwifruit is also high in fiber making it a natural laxative. Kiwi is a natural blood thinner which means it can naturally prevent blood clots and lowers the fat content in the blood to prevent blockages. Because kiwifruit contains lutein it can also be consumed to promote eye health.



Word Wise

Six official Scrabble words can be made by rearranging these six letters:  AEILNS  Can you list the six words?  Answers below.

Read Feed

As we approach National Novel Writing Month, one of the best literary launches I know is Ray Bradbury’s Zen in The Art of Writing, Essays on Creativity.

On Bradbury’s book, here are snippets of two reviews:

  1. Zen in the Art of Writing is classic Bradbury: the crisp, short sentences, the vivid mental imagery, the amazing insights into his own writings — all of it. This book uplifts me, moves me and fills me with awe. It is, without a doubt, the best book on writing I have ever read.
  2. Ray Bradbury takes you on mind journeys into his past, and perhaps into your future. He treads on the edge of reality, sneaking glances over the precipice, knowing that to jump means to fly. …  This book is not about writing mechanics or technique. It forces you to face two absolute requirements for being a writer:
    1. You must love to write and do it every day, and
    2. You must use your own voice.

 Nominate a story or poem, an essay or book for BriteLites Read Feed.  Write a brief review (100 words max) and send in e-mail (not attached) to:

On This Day in History

BackStory – BackStory – Backstory 



October 14

2009   A new kind of flying reptile fossil, Darwinopterus, lived over 160 million years ago, is found in China

1996   Dow Jones closes over 6,000 for 1st time (6,010)

1985   On Mon Night football, Jets retire Joe Namath’s #12, beat Miami 23-7

1982   6,000 Unification church couples wed in Korea

1980   Bob Marley’s last concert

1962   U.S. U-2 planes locate missile launchers in Cuba

1960   Peace Corps 1st suggested by John F. Kennedy

1884   George Eastman patents paper-strip photographic film

1865   Cheyennes and Arapaho’s sign “peaces treaty” then chased out Colorado

1066   Battle of Hastings, in which William the Conqueror wins England


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Love Is.






Word Wise Answers

ALIENS                 ALIEN, to transfer to another, as property [v]

ALINES                 ALINE, to align (to arrange in a straight line) [v]

ELAINS                 ELAIN, olein (the liquid portion of a fat) [n]

LIANES                 LIANE, liana (a tropical vine) [n]

SALINE                 a salt solution [n -S]

SILANE                 a chemical compound [n -S]


To test your skill with single-word anagrams, go to and Play WORDWALLS.  Because this site is a resource for Scrabble Players, answers are one word (rather than multi-word combos).


Sandra Gould Ford
Creating & Selling Fine Art
for Healing & High Achievement (Literary) (art)

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